After long delays, Comcast rolls out TiVo

Comcast and TiVo have finally started rolling out TiVo-enabled Comcast digital video recorders in New England. The rollout will continue over several months, the companies said.

TiVo, which makes its own branded digital video recorders, first signed an agreement with Comcast in March 2005 to enable the cable operators’ customers to use TiVo software on their Comcast boxes. But the launch of the service has taken longer than analysts expected as both companies sought to integrate TiVo software with some models of Comcast set-top boxes, Reuters reported.

The rollout began in the last few days with test customers only, TiVo spokesman Whit Clay told the Associated Press. Pricing has not yet been disclosed.

The boxes in the New England region are predominantly made by Motorola. Both companies have already signed development agreements to work on integrating TiVo software into other brand boxes, including Scientific Atlanta.

Comcast, with over 24 million subscribers, will be the first U.S. cable operator to offer a TiVo service.