Africa Channel sets American HD Launch

The Africa Channel plans to begin offering its varied content from the continent of Africa in HD, starting on Aug. 1.

The Los Angeles-based venue is available on numerous Time Warner Cable systems in various markets, but has yet to become a mainstay of most of the other major cablers and satellite service providers.

The HD version of the channel plans to feature large amounts of original programming targeting an array of both entertainment and information genre -- mostly film, soaps, talk, music, travel, and history content centering on the nations of Africa.

The Africa Channel gathers TV shows from across Africa and re-packages them for American audiences. Bob Reid, the channel's executive VP/general manager, said the channel's featured talk shows often take on the myriad social, economic and political problems facing several African nations. But, he said, the programming also strives to present "a more nuanced understanding of everyday life" on the continent.

And from a purely cinematographic point of view, Africa consists of 53 countries with widely divergent landscapes – most of which will now be featured via The Africa Channel in HD.