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AFN Broadcast Center Adds Front Porch Digital Systems

The American Forces Network (AFN) Broadcast Center, which is headquartered in Riverside, Calif., is now operating with several Front Porch Digital Diva products to expedite content management, retrieval and long term preservation.

The operation is using two DIVArchive systems in conjunction with Isilon IQ disk-based near-online storage systems and a pair of Sony PetaSite tape-based archive devices. DIVAnet and DIVAprotect applications are also employed by AFN.

“AFN's mandate is to provide 'a taste of home' to U.S. personnel and dependents the world over,” said Mike Knaisch, Front Porch Digital’s president. “Front Porch Digital's content storage management solutions constitute a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way to manage video programming content in support of that important mission.”

The AFN Center provides radio and television programming to some 900,000 U.S. service men and women, as well as DOD civilians and families stationed the United States. Twelve full-time entertainment and information television channels are transmitted to personnel located in 177 countries and to U.S. Navy ships.