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Advanced Digital Services Using DNF Controls Analyst

DNF Controls announced that Advanced Digital Services (ADS), a Hollywood post production studio is using its Analyst data communications testing device for troubleshooting its data cabling infrastructure.

"Our cable infrastructure is relatively complex, and we add new equipment on a regular basis. As we modify the infrastructure, we occasionally lose a signal because of wiring errors or malfunctioning devices. Identifying the source of the problem could take hours of troubleshooting, but now that we have The Analyst, it's far easier and quicker to find the problem's cause, saving us from the headaches and lost opportunities of downtime," said Russell Ruggieri, ADS engineering manager.

ADS relies on data cabling for control of the VTRs in the facility's editing, DVD authoring and tape duplication processes. The Analyst is designed to facilitate RS-232 and RS-422 data communications diagnostic work.