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Adtec unveils evolutionary digital media server

Adtec Digital, based in Nashville, TN., has announced the availability of its Soloist 3 digital media server (S3DMS), which offers automated real-time MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding from analog or serial digital (SDI) sources as well as real-time transcoding of DV formats from non-linear editors through IEEE 1394 (“Firewire”).

Supporting both current and future compression codec devices, the S3DMS has a two-slot design that allows for implementation of one of each encoder and decoder module or two of an encoder or decoder, providing complete system configuration flexibility.

Using the S3DMS, an advertising agency can manage a national retail chain's digital signage network directly from their production studio. A cable or broadcast channel can integrate local origination programming such as church services, city council meetings or sports events, into their line-up, either live or stored for later playback.

Content is played back in composite and YC or optional SDI formats by time or cue, enabling the device to function as a broadcast play-to-air server/switcher or digital commercial inserter.

Control is via the front panel, terminal, remote client web interface, Ethernet or stand alone. Most broadcast automation systems will easily interface with the S3DMS via RS422.

The appliance also functions as a network server for retrieving and distributing content, boasting internal storage and external Network Array Storage (NAS) via Gigabit Ethernet.

Support for Dolby Digital audio encoding and SDI embedded audio is also available. Dolby Digital AC-3 and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound decoding are standard features and do not require external audio decoders. Audio outputs include analog, unbalanced and balanced, AES and embedded.

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