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Accenture Builds On-Demand Platform for Mediaset

MILAN—Mediaset, Italy’s largest commercial broadcaster, tapped Accenture to create and manage its Mediaset Infinity service, which delivers film and television shows on-demand to an array of IP-enabled devices such as set-top boxes, PCs, tablets, connected TVs and gaming consoles.

Leveraging the Accenture Video Solution, Mediaset launched its new over-the-top VOD streaming service Mediaset Infinity in December 2013. Mediaset selected Accenture because of its ability to launch in 12 weeks and its software-as-a-service model, Accenture said.

Mediaset has used AVS to create a 5,000-title content catalog; manage its ad campaigns and deploy Infinity as a managed service across devices.

The vendor said Mediaset has a long history of using Accenture technology to elevate its profile in digital broadcasting. The Accenture Video Solution also was the foundation for Mediaset Premium Play, which offers linear broadcast content and non-linear pay TV and pay-per-viewing in an over-the-top service to subscribers.

With the recent addition of BT Sport and Cricket Australia, AVS is now serving more than 10 million subscribers globally.