ABC’s “The View” tries interactivity

ABC Daytime’s “The View” presents a primetime special tonight (June 16, 10 p.m.) that will incorporate a real-time multiple-choice quiz throughout the broadcast that viewers can take at home via ABC Enhanced TV.

This interactivity will be available to viewers on three different platforms: an Internet-connected computer via; a digital set-top box; and remote control, or a mobile phone.

Viewer feedback via mobile phone will be provided with Proteus, wireless interactive TV service. Participating carriers include AT&T Wireless, Cingular Wireless, Sprint PCS and Nextel. Wireless customers will have voting opportunities for each of the quiz questions presented during the television broadcast.

The broadcast quiz can also be taken on OpenTV’s enhanced television service, Wink, to offer an interactive experience for viewers with a Wink enabled digital set-top box or receiver.

ABC Enhanced TV is a division of the Walt Disney Internet group.

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