ABC, ESPN plan extensive multimedia coverage of Indy 500

ABC Sports and ESPN plan extensive multimedia coverage of the 90th Indianapolis 500, including ABC Sports’ race telecast Sunday.

Several new elements will provide fans with extensive content leading up to and during the race, including "Side-by-Side," GPS Tracking, fan interactive abilities, real-time RaceCast, videoblogs and a condensed version of the race.

Overall, ABC Sports, ESPN, ESPN2,, ESPN360, ESPN iTV, ESPN Classic, ESPN Radio and Mobile ESPN will provide coverage.

ABC Sports will use 50 cameras to cover the race, including 26 cameras positioned around the track, eight in-car cameras, three booth cameras, a camera on a helicopter to provide aerial shots and 12 additional cameras.

New for this years race are:

  • “Side-by-Side” offers continuous ABC Sports coverage of race action during all national commercial breaks through use of a split screen. This year’s race will be the first time it is used during an Indianapolis 500 telecast.
  • Interactive offerings include the ESPN360 broadband service and ESPN iTV interactive TV outlet, which will offer fans the chance to choose from six in-car cameras for live video, sound and team radio calls throughout the race. Fans can view those six camera feeds on a single screen mosaic format or select the camera angle that they want in a normal, full screen television format.
  • GPS tracking of ABC Sports' coverage will use SportVision's technology to track every car, which reach speeds in excess of 220 miles per hour, while delivering a broad array of visual effects enhancing the identification of each driver.
  • Real-time RaceCast, launched on May 28, will be a premium IRL RaceCast service featuring real-time telemetry data, engine metrics and race leaders.
  • A condensed version of the race will be available by May 30 on ESPN360 and Apple iTunes.
  • Mobile ESPN will provide updates, news, highlights and Indy 500 themed videoblogs to cell phones.