AARP installing a trio of NV5128 multiformat routing systems

NVISION's multiformat router supports all current digital and analog formats — HD, SD, analog video, analog audio, AES and time code.

NVISION supplied three NV5128 multiformat routing systems to AARP for installation in its post-production and satellite delivery complex. In addition to in-house video programming, AARP's Washington, DC-based facility prepares weekly programs for TV and radio stations around the country. Currently, all video productions are originated in HD and delivered via SD-format video feeds. In the near future, the entire complex will become fully HD-capable.

The technical upgrade is scheduled to begin by late fall. All of AARP's digital video will be run through super wide band cards that can handle both SD and HD. The facility has specified a matrix size and I/O capability to switch eight channels of digital audio from one source, which will accommodate almost any future multichannel configuration. In addition to the three NV5128 systems, AARP also purchased a large central routing system comprised of an NV8256-Plus digital video router and an NV7256-Plus digital audio router.

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