A $60,000 Lens on a $1,300 Camera

YOUTUBE: YouTube user SirJonnyCargo has two commodities the rest of us dream about—time and toys. As Mr. Cargo put it, "I decided to try my Fujinon XA55 Digipower lens with a Panasonic GH4. It worked surprisinly well."

Mr. Cargo said he shot everything in 4K at 25 fps with all camera settings at default, with standard gamma and color settings, and at a shutter speed of around 1:200 in sunlight because he couldn't use ND filters. He lens used was a 9.5-525 mm f/1:1.7; with a 2x extender added, a 19-1050 mm f/1:3.4. He said that the GH4's 2.3x crop factor in 4K mode, the angle of view was the same as a 44 - 2415mm lens on a FF-camera.