8K Association Sets Performance Attributes for Consumer TVs

BERLIN—As the industry continues to take steps toward 8K, the 8K Association has announced that it has developed new performance attributes for 8K consumer televisions.

Features of the new specifications include info for 8K input parameters (bit depth, frame rate, chroma sub-sampling), display performance (resolution, peak brightness, black level, color gamut, white point) and the interface and media formats (HDR, codec). The requirements are as follows:

  • Resolution: 7680x4320 pixels
  • Input Frame Rate: 24p, 30p and 60p frames per second
  • Display Luminance: More than 600 nits peak luminance
  • Codec: HEVC
  • Interface: HDMI 2.1

The next step in the process will be the development of a compliance test by 8K Association members. Any member’s TV that meets or exceeds the above requirements will be promoted with the 8KA logo.

The 8KA has also added a number of new members to its organization, including Astro Design, ATEME, Chili, Innolux, Intel, Louis Pictures, Novatek, Samsung Display, Tencent, V-Silicon and Xperi.