8K Association Debuts 8K Educational Website

(Image credit: 8K Association)

BERLIN—The 8K Association has launched a new website with the specific purpose of educating consumers about the benefits of 8K displays and content, Discover8K.com.

Discover8K.com will offer tools and news aimed at helping consumers learn about the 8K ecosystem and the latest advances in displays, cameras and home entertainment. Things covered will include the list of TVs that meet 8KA’s performance standards, info on current and upcoming sources of 8K content, details like ideal screen sizes and seating distances for viewing 8K content, the technology behind 8K up-scaling and general 8K news.

“Consumers who understand the benefits of 8K ultra-sharp big-screen displays, finely-detailed 8K gaming and the power of immersive 8K video are going to speed the transition to 8K,” said Aaron Dew, 8KA Marketing Work Group chair. “That’s why the 8K Association launched the new Discover8K.com website to help educate consumers on all the benefits of enjoying big-screen 8K entertainment at home.”

In addition, 8KA is preparing a “State of 8K” webinar for press and industry professionals that will provide an update on the progress made in 8K deployments as well as the remaining milestones, both technical and business, needed to complete the rollout.

The “State of 8K” webinar is scheduled to take place on Sept. 15. Registration and additional information is available at www.8KAssociation.com.