86 Percent of US Homes Own an HDTV

ODESSA, TEXAS—According to a recent study from ShoppingNexus.com, 86 percent of all U.S. households own at least one HDTV, with 64 percent saying they own two or more. Of the type of HDTV’s, LED displays are the most favorable at 60 percent, with LCD and plasma displays coming in at 26 and 14 percent, respectively.

For customers looking to purchase an HDTV, price (30 percent), brand (28 percent) and TV size (16 percent) were the three biggest factors. ShoppingNexus.com says a majority of people polled go online to find out relevant information on HDTV deals, with about 12 percent reading reviews. And while brand is important, as indicated by the 28 percent, 58 percent of people say they prefer to shop for the best deal and only 7 percent describe themselves as brand loyal.

ShoppingNexus.com also asked participants about curved HDTVs, but only 3 percent said that they were “actively considering” buying one, while 70 percent claim they are not seriously considering a curved HDTV.

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