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3DTV Desire Undiminished by the Glasses

PORTLAND, ORE.: The clunky spectacles necessary to view content proffered in 3D isn’t enough of a deterrent to turn people off of the format for home theater use. So sayeth Quixel Research, a metric outfit that specializes in home-theater market intel. Quixel took an online survey of 750 HDTV owners to gauge the interest in three-dimensional TV, the latest and greatest visual format sure to save the industry from certain extinction.

The study found that more than 50 percent respondents who had recently seen a 3D movie in a theater expected 3DTVs to be on retail shelves within a year or two. (Most digital TVs can display rudimentary 3D, viewable with the blue/red-lensed glasses.)

“The recent increase in 3D movies is helping create demand for a 3D TV at home,” said Tamaryn Pratt of Quixel. “Respondents stated that the experience is much better than the ‘old days’ and consumers are excited about the technology. Additionally, the majority of those surveyed want 3D for specific content so the glasses, while a nuisance for some, are acceptable…”

In spite of Quixel’s breathless endorsement of 3DTV, the numbers revealed it’s not for everyone. More than one-fourth of those responding said they wouldn’t watch 3DTV at home. Some considered it a fad.

Other data points:
- People said they’d pay more for glasses-free 3DTV.
- Around three-quarters had seen 3D video content.
- Blu-ray was the most-preferred delivery method.