3-D demands strategic thinking when it comes to storage, Klein says

Without a little strategic forethought, the growing wave of 3-D stereoscopic productions could easily overwhelm studios and post houses when it comes to storage.

On the face of it, stereoscopic 3-D would appear simply to require a doubling of the storage capacity needed for conventional productions. After all, 3-D demands both left and right. But that’s the minimum increase depending on several factors, including the number of mattes necessary for a given production.

According to Shawn Klein, Quantum director of software partner development, now is the time for studios to grapple with 3-D storage before the small but growing number of stereoscopic productions turns into a tidal wave of projects.

Various strategies, some employed outside the media and entertainment industry, offer an effective approach to preparing for these increased storage requirements, he says. In this podcast, Klein discusses the storage needed and which strategies should be considered.