360 Systems Servers Expand Capacity for Nevada LPTV Stations

KPVT and KHMP, two low-power stations in Nevada’s Pahrump Valley, are upgrading their two existing 360 Systems Image Server 2000 units with a 360 Systems MAXX 2400.

“We’re putting more and more syndicated programming to offline storage and we wanted more capacity and two ingest channels,” said Randy Cress, sole engineer for the two stations. “The two Image Server 2000s we bought when they first came on the market were aging, so we upgraded with the MAXX 2400 because it would also help us to maintain the uniformity of our file formats.”

The 2400 can handle two simultaneous records; Channel 3 is set on auto record to catch network delays, and Channel 1 ingests syndicated programming. A Harris automation system starts and stops the records, and a playlist switches between play-out of network and syndicated shows.

The 2400 handles play-out for KPVT (Channel 30), and the older Image Server 2000 runs KHMP (Channel 62). The second 2000 has been relegated to spare status to provide redundancy.

The MAXX 2400 gives the stations backward compatibility with existing files, 700 hours of file storage capacity, and an easy interface with automation.

Cress runs both stations with one system out of a master control with 20 racks.