24/7 OTT Drone Channel Takes Flight from Morgan Murphy Media

NEW YORK—The sky isn’t the limit with the latest OTT channel that will be available on Syncbak’s SBTV, it’ll be the base. Morgan Murphy Media is producing a 24/7 drone channel that will be available on the OTT platform for viewers nationwide.

The footage will be accumulated from Morgan Murphy affiliate stations, which includes Spokane, Wash.-based KXLY’s “Air 4 Adventures” program featuring drone footage of local attractions, extreme sports and nature reserves. SBTV automatically ingests and formats the content into a custom, 24/7 ad-supported channel.

“Taking our drone footage OTT in a live, always-on channel required no additional time or effort on the part of our station,” said Brian Burns, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Morgan Murphy Media. He says more stations’ drone footage will be available through the channel soon.