5Qs About NAB 2016: Michael Silbergleid

LAS VEGASTV Technology asked a cross-section of NAB Show-goers a series of five questions regarding what they considered the main themes, evidence of those, whether or not these initiatives will take hold, and what promising technologies from past NAB Shows did not see daylight. (A complete list of quotes from respondents and links to their full 5Qs is at “NAB 2016 in 21 Quotes.”)

Michael Silbergleid
, strategic & technical marketing communications guru:
How many NAB Shows have you attended?
M.S. Dallas was my first, but I don’t actually remember when that was... 1989 maybe.

Q2.What, in your opinion, were the main themes of the show this year?
M.S. For production, IP and 4K with HDR. For transmission, ATSC 3.0. If you’re a broadcaster. Other folks have other needs... like being able to replace a Fresnel lamp with an LED.

Q3.What were some examples of these themes?
M.S. Look at The NAB Daily’s headlines, 4K & IP and similar stories with the order reversed IP & 4K. But the questions are the best—why do 4K HDR when 1080p HDR would look better than just 4K with almost no additional bandwidth overhead, then upconvert in the TV for 4K display? It’s “the last mile” of distribution again, and consumer products trying to lead broadcasters.

Q4.Do you foresee any or all of these technologies or initiatives taking hold?
M.S. HDR for sure. IP for sure. 4K, yes, but will take longer.

Q5.What technology that impressed you most at a past show didn’t see the light of day?
M.S. That’s hard, but my favorite product that failed was the Sony VJ-1, a handheld mic with a video monitor for one-man reporters so they can see their shot. Maybe it was shown in 1997.