Zurich lightens load of cameras with new adapters and fiber

The Zürich media production facility in Switzerland has found a way to lighten the load of its Sony HDC1500 cameras by installing lighter fibers.

The company has equipped its HD-1 OB truck with 10 sets of SHED and
HDX adapters for the cameras. The SHED-HDX units replace the bulky SMPTE hybrid fiber/wire cables the cameras are designed to accept with lightweight, standard single-mode fiber, allowing up to 10 times the range of hybrid cable with only 10 percent of the weight. The systems were integrated by Telecast Fiber Systems dealer WIRA Optics.

Telecast’s SHED solution consists of two small adapters — one at the camera and another at the base station — that convert camera signals from hybrid wire/fiber cables to standard all-fiber cables and back again. These adapters allow the camera and base station to communicate on two ordinary single-mode fibers while maintaining a pure optical path so that high-quality signals originated by the SMPTE-hybrid cameras remain pristine.

The most popular configuration uses an optional HDX unit, which also supplies power to the camera via short (up to 300m) runs of hybrid cable.

For more information, visit www.telecast-fiber.com/products/camera/overview.shtml.