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WRNN-TV completes digital center, automates operations

Regional news network WRNN-TV recently completed construction of a new, all-digital production center and studio in Rye Brook, NY.

As part of the installation, WRNN selected Crispin’s System 2000 suite of applications to support asset management, satellite recording, media ingest, device control, traffic translation and control of two channels for on-air playback. The Crispin solution includes 11 workstations, each focused on a specific workflow task.

WRNN uses Crispin's ArchiveManager combined with an external near-line RAID to archive assets. The archive graphical user interface (GUI) provides a video server and archive content for quick drag and drop asset transfers. The GUI shows media object detail as well as transfer requests and status messages. An integrated database allows fast lookup of assets and supports volume export for optical disk libraries. The system will prompt for insertion of the needed media and automatically restore the native format file back to the video server for play-to-air.

WRNN’s ingest workstations use Crispin's Dubber application to control multiple source devices, allowing them to acquire and prepare video assets for air. Dubber provides the tools needed to speed and simplify the acquisition and preparation of material for fully automated on-air playback.

The tightly integrated system is fully configured to match WRNN’s requirements and includes control for the creation of their on-air playback channels. RapidPlayX provides playlist monitoring and control for WRNN’s on-air channels, allowing operators to create and load playlists, edit events, issue playlist commands and monitor event status. WRNN operators use TurboBrowser, a companion application to RapidPlayX, to search and find any video clip in the system. Once located, operators can simply drag and drop clips into the playlist for immediate playout or into a user-definable on-screen file cabinet.

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