WJRT-TV streamlines file-based workflow

Flint, MI, ABC affiliate WJRT-TV has optimized its file-based workflow relying on NVerzion's Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS). Leveraging CLASS, the station has been able to increase operational efficiencies dramatically, reduce costs and deliver a higher quality on-air presentation to viewers located in Flint and the surrounding Tri-Cities of Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland.

WJRT first realized the massive efficiencies enabled by NVerzion automation back in 2001, when it transitioned from a tape- to file-based operation. Between the initial automation installation and this latest enhancement, the station has dramatically reduced the number of master control operators needed, allowing it to devote more resources to quality control and deliver a superior quality on-air presentation.

WJRT operates three channels: the main HD channel, which delivers ABC and local programming, and two SD subchannels offering the Live Well Network and weather programming, respectively. The station recently optimized its file-based workflow by adding new NVerzion automation capabilities, including an NCompass ingest management application that automatically transfers files from Pathfireand PitchBluecontent delivery systems directly to the on-air server in addition to controlling automatic scheduling of secondary and tertiary events, such as snipes and other compelling graphics originating from a new WideOrbit traffic system.

The new NCompass application supports NVerzion's CLASS approach to broadcast automation, which leverages partnerships with third-party equipment manufacturers to provide WJRT with a more robust automation solution. Relying on CLASS, WJRT can capitalize on the ROI value of existing master control switcher and graphics systems, while also deploying innovative new technologies such as the NCompass.

CLASS is based on a highly modular architecture that ensures the integrity of WJRT's on-air presentation by eliminating any single point of failure within the station's file-based workflow. Engineers can easily bypass any piece of equipment that is not functioning properly and deliver a seamless on-air broadcast. While the NVerzion automation system currently controls WJRT's main HD channel and the Live Well Network subchannel, harnessing the scalability of CLASS, the station can easily control its weather subchannel as well as any additional channels in the future without employing more workstations. This will enable WJRT to further maximize operational efficiencies and lower OPEX.