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Webinars explore broadband network management

Network management provider ILC this week presented a series of webcasts to demonstrate how companies can increase the profitability of their broadband services by more effectively managing their next-generation networks.

Cosponsored by United States Telecom Association and Broadcast Engineering magazine, the webcasts outlined how telcos and other broadband service providers can accelerate time to market for voice, video and data services while lowering operational costs.

In response, ILC has introduced new broadband strategies that mitigate many of the IPTV interoperability issues that arise in a diverse, multi-vendor technology environment.

The two free Web seminars, or webinars, held Tuesday and Thursday, have been archived and may be accessed after a registering.

Tuesday’s webinar, “Broadband services: Network provisioning across multiple technologies to accelerate speed to market,” was put on by Nebraska Educational Telecommunications chief engineer David Stewart and ILC chief operating officer Mark Krikorian. To register, visit

Thursday’s webinar, “Managing hybrid networks: Total Control of Your Divergent Systems from One Console” was hosted by Broadcast Engineering. Seminar leaders included Stewart, Kirkorian and Broadcast Engineering editorial director Brad Dick. To register, visit

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