Vendor View, Shawn Carnahan, Telestream

Expected tech trends:We will continue to see our industry try to solve the new challenges created by the move to file-based workflows. These trends include the introduction of new formats to improve picture quality and efficiency of transport, as well as the support of new standards targetted at different aspects of the workflow. These trends in standardization specifically aim to resolve workflows challenges, such as the way that the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) resolves issues around file-based delivery of SD and HD programmes in the UK. I believe that we will see more examples of this – these regional standardization efforts highlight the need for the standards to be very specifically targeted at their use case.

What’s new that you will show:At IBC Telestream will debut Switch, a new multiformat media player that provides media professionals everything they need to play, inspect, and correct all their media in one intuitive professional tool. Returning to DPP, Switch is the first file player that will enable users to play and inspect all their DPP data packages.

Also new for content production networks and service providers, Telestream’s Vantage Cloud Subscriptions will enable worldwide secure access to all the capabilities of Vantage on cloud-based infrastructure with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing using Amazon Web Services as well as a host of new capabilities across the Vantage platform designed to automate more and more of the workflow.

Initial thoughts on 4K and even 8K:Our customers tell us that 4K is a real technology that has relevance to their business operations. Customers want to be prepared for 4K although there is limited deployment right now. 4K is especially relevant to today’s production sector, where there is anticipation of a need for delivery at that resolution. And of course, a software file-based world enables these transitions to happen in a far easier way for enterprises of all sizes and scales.

Favourite bar, pub or restaurant in Amsterdam:That’s easy – it would be The Fornius ( ‘t Fornius in dutch)  – a fantastic small Dutch restaurant with a French flavour, just off Rembrandtplein.

How many IBCs for you, and what’s your best trade show tip:My first IBC was back in 1982, in Brighton, so I’ve been to over 30 of these fantastic events. My tip is for anybody making the trip over from the US – try to arrive in Amsterdam at the end of the day local time, aim for a decent amount of sleep that first night and get into the swing of your schedule as soon as possible.