Unicast to debut new ad formats with NBC Universal

Unicast by Viewpoint, an Internet marketing technology company, has announced the launch of two new rich media ad formats, the Unicast InteractiveX and the Unicast Teaser ad format. These custom-made formats leverage Unicast's next-generation ad platform to help agencies and marketers to increase brand awareness through creative, engaging interactive ads.

InteractiveX is a Unicast custom ad unit that enables marketers to showcase multiple videos. Users can select from a number of videos, which play over the original programming. After the marketing message ends, the original program resumes. This ad format was developed to offer more flexibility to self-select marketing content without disrupting the user's viewing experience.

The Teaser ad format appears as a small transparent overlay on the bottom of the online video player. This sneak peek approach delivers branding and marketing messaging as the viewer watches video content online. This format features an interactive element that allows branding during playtime. The ad simultaneously appears as a wallpaper across the viewer's entire browser to create an immersive experience.

These new ad units can integrate data capture functionality as well provide viral marketing distribution. NBC will be the first publisher to adopt the InteractiveX format.

For more information, visit www.viewpoint.com.