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UK OB truck to offer HD editing with latest addition

Telegenic has acquired a Leitch Technology VelocityHD HD/SD non-linear editing system for its T8 mobile production facility, one of the first HD OB trucks in the UK. VelocityHD combines the Altitude hardware platform with an enhanced version of the Velocity software interface to deliver full-quality, real-time editing in HD.

VelocityHD features full-quality HD playback of two video streams, two dynamic graphics streams, true dual-stream real-time HD transitions and effects, and optional 3-D effects with the A3DX DVE daughtercard. The package supports 1080i, 1080PsF and 720p frame formats at all common frame rates, with compressed and uncompressed (8-bit and 10-bit) recording and playback, and the flexibility to mix compressed and uncompressed footage within a project.

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