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TV2 Hungary enhances news production

Hungary’s TV2 has taken delivery of Leitch Technology equipment for its new news production facility.

The technology includes a complete NEXIOserver system, three X75 M-PATH multiple-path converter/synchronizers, five SuiteView Solo multi-source display processors and several 6800+ series modular products.

Turnaround of material is fast through the NEXIO system, as both high- and low-resolution nonlinear editors can start working as the material is being ingested.

The TV2 newsroom allows 20 journalists to browse and edit low-resolution content simultaneously at their desktops and publish their edits for playout. Leitch’s NewsFlash craft editors provide high-resolution editing capability. TV2's newsroom computer system is provided by Octopus newsroom computer systems. The Leitch NEXIO server system and Octopus newsroom software work together using the MOS protocol and the NEXIO MOS Rundown Manager, creating an integrated news production environment.

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