Telstra to transmit digital video from Athens Games with help from Scopus

Australian telecommunications giant Telstra will use Scopus Network Technologies' digital video transmission equipment to broadcast coverage of this summer's Olympic Games from Athens.

The Seven Network will transmit the signals from the International Broadcast Center in Athens to Melbourne for broadcast to all Australian states on Channel 7.

For Telstra, Scopus is providing full digital broadcast solutions to transmit round-the-clock coverage of the Summer Games over 10 channels. To ensure system integrity, Telstra is equipping two headends - one in Athens and one in Melbourne. Transmission will be conducted over DS-3 Telco lines.

Scopus platforms, based on the CODICO product line, include the E-1000 MPEG-2 broadcast encoders with 4:2:0/4:2:2 encoding profile, statistical multiplexing, and a low-delay mode; IRD-2800 professional integrated receiver decoders (IRDs) with 4:2:0/4:2:2 decoding profile, SDI output, and embedded audio; and RTM-3800 multiplexers with ASI and DS-3 output, capable of simultaneous multiplexing up to 19 inputs.

The compression systems are managed by Scopus' distributed network management system, the NMS-4000 with Scopus Navigator.

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