Tektronix to provide HD monitoring equipment for NBC Olympics coverage

The equipment will provide the monitoring and control capabilities for NBC production of the Winter Games.

Tektronix will provide WFM700 waveform monitors, WVR7100 rasterizers and TG700 multiformat video generators to NBC for its coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics from Torino, Italy.

The Tektronix equipment will provide the monitoring and control capabilities needed to ensure the production, post-production, distribution and transmission of quality high-definition digital video and digital audio content.

The Tektronix WFM700 series multiformat, multi-standard waveform monitors offer HD and SD monitoring and measurement capabilities. The product offers specialized Diamond, Arrowhead and Lightning gamut monitoring displays.

The WVR7100 provides customers an easy-to-use monitoring tool for production and broadcast of high-quality content that adheres to legal HD and SD broadcast specifications.

The TG700 is a multiformat, analog and digital, precision signal generation platform offering sync pulse generation and test signal generation for a wide array of analog, serial digital and digital high-definition formats.

For more information, visit www.tektronix.com.

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