TecNec Distributing’s VPTR-1 production trailer hits market

TecNec Distributing is now selling its VPTR-1 production trailer. The rack-ready 20ft by 8.5ft AV production trailer, with a 6.5ft ceiling height, is fully heated and air-conditioned and comes pre-wired with heavy-duty AC wiring. It is intended for TV studios and stations with limited budgets, corporate meetings, news and sports events, DVD production, media tours and religious productions.

The VPTR-1 features an all-white exterior. The interior of the trailer is carpeted and finished in a no-glare, medium-gray, high-tech acoustic fabric intended to maintain a quiet, calm production environment. It is fully wired for AC shore power, with a full-size, 30-A capacity AC breaker box controlling the trailer's 110-A wiring.

For more information, please visit http://www.tecnec.com/SearchProduct.asp?off=0&sort=prod.