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TANDBERG Television unveils on-demand interactive ad system

TANDBERG Television has announced an on-demand interactive advertising system that integrates video-on-demand (VOD) capabilities with advanced interactive television functionality.

The system enables operators and programmers to engage subscribers with compelling integrated advertising experiences tightly embedded in broadcast and VOD programming.

TANDBERG said the new solution offers advertisers the ability to blend the emotion of television with the precision and measurability of the Internet. Operators can deliver dynamic ad placements, playlists, interactive advertisements, branded portal, and t-commerce capabilities to create rich, immersive subscriber interactions.

Since the system is platform agnostic, TANDBERG said it can be extended to any delivery device where content is consumed. It is based on open interfaces, enabling cable operators to deploy on-demand services using existing, preferred and next-generation backend components — such as video servers, access networks, billing systems and client applications — as well as future iTV applications, including gaming and merchandising.

It also includes T-commerce, allowing secure transactions from set-top boxes, which lets viewers make purchases while watching television. The system supports mobile marketing campaigns, including registration management, content creation and scheduling, reporting and analysis, and delivery to subscribers of all major carriers.

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