Tampa church connects expanding facility with HD

Tampa, FL-based Davis Islands Baptist Church (DIBC) is undergoing an expansion of its property opening a new building next to an existing edifice used for its affairs. The church is turning to HD to make sure that all employees and patrons are in the loop of the organization’s affairs no matter what facility they are worshipping in.

DIBC will run a Streambox ACT L3 HD video transport system to support real-time HD broadcasts from the new facility, scheduled for completion this summer, to its existing building. The Streambox solution will allow DIBC to simulcast services at the new facility and incorporate HD video of the pastor’s sermons and messages into live services at the other location.

The Streambox ACT L3 STB3-9000 encoder/decoder system selected by DIBC is an integrated video-transport solution for real-time HDTV video and audio delivery over TCP/IP networks. The system will enable the church to deliver 1080i or 720p HD video streams over a network infrastructure. It features a complete range of video resolutions and bit rate choices (1- to 20Mb/s), combined with ACT-L3 CODEC technology with proprietary transform coding, filtering, global multiframe motion estimation, context-based entropy coding and advanced progressive and interlaced post-filtering.

Each encoder and decoder is equipped with dual gigabit ethernet network ports for multiplexing/demultiplexing of a video stream, taking advantage of lower-bit rate, lower-cost networks by splitting the video stream over DIBC’s leased multichannel IP network. Advanced FEC allows the system to recover from multiple lost packets, and additional burst error protection is provided to compensate for sustained data loss.

For more information, visit http://www.streambox.com/products/transport_HD.htm