kicks off first coverage of collegiate football via streaming media

Digital Media Broadcasting will focus most of its streaming coverage on colleges and universities that typically are overlooked by large broadcast and cable networks
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DMBC hires its own talent for game coverage and third-party mobile teleproduction crews to produce games for the Web.

Digital Media Broadcasting (DMBC), a Reston, VA-based company, kicked off its coverage of college football with two games this month: the Sept. 9 contest between Tennessee State vs. Tennessee-Martin, and the Sept. 18 game between Winston-Salem and Virginia Union University.

Through its sportscentric pay-per-view Internet service, DMBC streams its football coverage to a select group of Web viewers with particularly strong bonds to mostly NCAA Division II and III football teams.

After initial testing in January and inaugural sports coverage in March, is maturing rapidly as DMBC broadens the reach of coverage to encompass more than just football at smaller schools.

The company is finalizing rights negotiations with a dozen collegiate sports conferences, according to DMBC chairman and CEO Dennis Butts. Most of the pending deals are for one-to 15-game packages for basketball and football. The company is also pursuing rights agreements to stream several different NAIA championship games. viewers tune in to the coverage via broadband Internet connection and watch games with Windows Media Player 8 or 9. After paying the $5 fee, in the case of the Winston-Salem and Virginia Union, fans are treated to live play-by-play coverage of the game, complete with color commentary, sideline interviews, professional graphics and commercials.

DMBC has hired its own talent for game coverage and third-party mobile teleproduction crews to produce games for the Web. For the Winston-Salem game, DMBC hired a six-camera crew and truck from NorthStar Productions in Nashville, TN. In other instances, DMBC will work with broadcasters producing over-the-air game coverage and repurpose the feed for its streaming needs. is DMBC’s flagship product. The company also offers or will soon make available streaming channels in the educational, medical, government, entertainment and commercial markets.

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