Sony intros SAIT mini library

The Sony mini library is data written to SAIT WORM media and cannot be altered or erased, meeting requirements for various regulatory mandates.

Sony Electronics has introduced SAIT mini library technology for small-to-midsized businesses, as well as those working with large databases, video production studios, broadcast applications, medical imaging and e-commerce transactions.

Two models of the SAIT mini library are now available, housing up to two SAIT-1 tape drives with up to 20 high-capacity SAIT cartridges, delivering the industry’s highest storage density for a 5U rack-mountable configuration. The system features 10TB native storage capacity (26TB compressed using 2.6:1 compression) and clocks 60MB/s sustained native transfer rate (with two SAIT drives).

The SAIT mini library comes equipped with Write Once Read Many (WORM) functionality, allowing users to reach compliance with storage-related government regulations. Data written to SAIT WORM media cannot be altered or erased, meeting requirements for various regulatory mandates. Further boosting data security, a password-protected electromagnetic lock and a mechanical key lock are installed on each unit. With this physical protection in place, IT managers can rest-assured that critical backup jobs aren’t being tampered with or manually disrupted.

Sony is offering add-on options, including additional cartridge magazines, as well as mounting kits for rack configurations. An additional SAIT-1 drive can also be integrated to further enhance performance and availability. The system comes with an Ultra SCSI connection, but is also compatible with fibre channel networks through a commercially available SCSI/FC bridge.

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