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SMPTE announces new Fellows, unveils conference sessions

This year’s SMPTE Technical Conference begins with a report to conference attendees on the present status of Digital Cinema. Representatives from the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) consortium will conduct a detailed tutorial explaining the core sections of their specification. The morning session of the all-day seminar will be dedicated to this technical seminar.

The afternoon session will be conducted by SMPTE and will offer in-depth technical tutorials on technologies central to a digital cinema system. Representatives from the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) will outline a rollout model for digital cinema. SMPTE will provide an overview on the current status of standardization activities within their various DC-28 Working Groups on Digital Cinema.

The following three days of the conference will highlight recent developments in DTV. Sessions will examine new products and systems for HDTV newsgathering, small format HDV acquisition, large sensor digital motion imaging, and motion picture film technologies.

Sessions will focus on content creation, digital infrastructure, content consumption and protection, and the latest in display technology.

Eleven new Fellows will be honored at the SMPTE Honors and Awards Ceremony, Thursday, Nov. 10, and during the Fellows Luncheon on Saturday, Nov. 12, at the Hilton New York.

The new Fellows are:

  • Roger Bunch, director of engineering at Free TV Australia;
  • Kenneth Fuller, vice-president, technology for the Ascent Media Group;
  • Brad Gilmer, executive director of the Advanced Authoring Format Association;
  • Dany Harrison, general manager of production and resources for CBC/Radio-Canada in Ottawa;
  • Graham Jones, director of communications engineering at the National Association of Broadcasters;
  • Peter Ludé, senior-vice president of solutions engineering at Sony Electronics;
  • Kwok-Luen Lam, controller of broadcasting and engineering operations at Hong Kong Cable TV;
  • John Luff, senior vice-president of business development at AZCAR;
  • David Mazza, senior vice-president, engineering for NBC’s Olympics division;
  • Dave Schnuelle, director of image technology for Dolby Laboratories;
  • Peter Glen Smart, director of engineering at Foxtel Management in Sydney, Australia;

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