Sigma Designs launches the EasyTV Dongle at CES2013

Sigma Designs announced at CES 2013 that it will launch the EasyTV Dongle reference design to provide an easy-to-use wireless link between mobile devices and HDMI TV sets.

Based on Sigma's power-efficient SMP8674 chip and Atheros AR6203 chip 802.11N technology from Qualcomm, EasyTV enables users to access multimedia on their cell phone, tablet or laptop and share it on a large screen or projector. Consumers can share media content such as YouTube videos, movies, photos and cloud-based applications and services on a TV screen. Business users can share presentations and data visualization through a projector's HDMI port.

By plugging the small EasyTV Dongle into a television's HDMI input, users automatically have a direct connection between any media content from a mobile phone, tablet or PC, and their TV screen. This simple peer-to-peer protocol allows mobile device users to share what was once personal content with a larger audience by using Wi-Fi to have the source device talk to the display device.

Sigma plans to seek Wi-Fi Miracast certification from Wi-Fi Alliance for the product.

"EasyTV is positioned for exponential growth by being able to work with an open networking technology," said Ken Lowe, Sigma Design's vice president of strategy. "EasyTV is a full production-ready turnkey design.