Showtime joins migration to iTunes

The television distribution migration away from traditional platforms continues at a rapid pace. CBS’ Showtime Networks has made its premium cable programming available on Apple’s iTunes, as the computer maker announced it has sold more than 12 million videos and television programs since launching the service last October.

Apple said iTunes now offers more than 50 popular TV shows available for $1.99 per episode for viewing on a computer or iPod. The number is growing fast as program distributors expand beyond the traditional broadcast viewing platform.

In addition to video, the company has begun the countdown to its one-billionth song sold on iTunes. Currently, the company said the counter is at just more than 951 million and is moving rapidly toward its goal.

Apple plans to give the buyer of the one-billionth song a 20in iMac, 10 60GB iPods and a $10,000 iTunes music card (good for any media type).

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