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SeaChange powers on-demand deployment based on OCAP

South Korean cable operator CJ CableNet has launched a worldwide OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) on-demand television service. Based on systems from SeaChange, video-on-demand movies and television programs are offered through CJ CableNet’s comprehensive “Hello D” interactive service.

CJ CableNet’s OCAP-based Hello D applications include local weather and news, games and SMS (short message service). It also features breakthrough commerce applications, including reservations for local golf “tee times” and theater tickets. With video-on-demand, subscribers can select from hundreds of movies, free programs, subscription packages and CJ CableNet’s “series-on-demand” option, which provides episodic television programs in a range of package prices and access periods.

Through its regional Asia office, SeaChange’s software development team created the custom OCAP-based video-on-demand applications and a user interface client to match CJ CableNet’s requirements.

CJ CableNet serves 1.2 million subscribers in seven cable systems across South Korea, including Gaya S.O., Haewoondae S.O., Joongbusan S.O., Kyungnam S.O., Masan S.O., Pukincheon S.O. and Yangchon S.O. The operator’s sister company, CJ Media, the country’s leading broadcaster and program producer, is the main content source for Hello D on-demand.

Adopted in 2001 by the South Korean government to ensure the security of cable television streams, the OCAP specification is a software specification of the OpenCable project ( The project was led by Cable Television Laboratories, a non-profit research and development consortium dedicated to pursuing new cable telecommunications technologies and helping operators integrate those advancements into their business objectives.

Deployed in a wide array of network architectures, SeaChange VOD (video-on-demand) systems and next-generation SeaChange IP Video Systems underscore the advantages of interoperability inherent in OCAP and other digital television standards, the company said. SeaChange customers integrate with a wide selection of third-party software and network components, including CJ CableNet’s OCAP-based middleware from Alticast and set top boxes from Humax and Samsung.

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