Salzbrenner designs, installs sound system for Olympic Stadium

When the Summer Games opened in Athens, fans seated in Olympic Stadium heard every word and every note of the opening ceremony thanks to 200 loudspeakers and more than 90 power amplifiers that were part of an entire digital audio system of speakers, control and monitoring components designed by Salzbrenner Stragetec Mediagroup.

The system was composed of a NEXUS routing system combined with a CAS control and management system. The system distributed all announcements, playbacks, and other audio signals from the stadium control room over optical fiber to three NEXUS units in three technical centers at the stadium and then forwarded the signals to the speaker system amplifiers.

The NEXUS installation was challenging because two sub-centers were located 120 feet off the ground in tubes below the stadium roof. The main center — next to the control room at stand level — housed a NEXUS with I/O boards to provide connectivity to the CAS system and control interfaces to monitor the speaker system.

The three units were networked using star topology. All audio, control and monitoring data were communicated between them via 1.24 miles of fiber-optic cable.

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