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RT Software adds Analysis to Saudi TV 'King Cup

LONDON —RT Software worked with Trans Gulf Media to supply two graphics systems for the studio analysis. This included a tOG-Sports Pro system to prepare telestrated analysis clips and also provide a broadcast quality custom touchscreen application. The clips were prepared in advance of the pre-game shows, and during the live games for use at half time and full time shows. During the live shows this system was used in conjunction with a 46-inch touchscreen for the presenter to play out the clips and add further analysis such as lines and arrows, and seamlessly integrated with a custom touchscreen application showing the route to the final and team comparisons.

The second system provided RT Software’s touch table capability, with augmented reality 3d players running around the table under the control of the presenter. Capable of being pre-set with the likely formations of the teams the presenter used this to explain tactics and options to the audience. This system also integrated virtual logos of the teams and sponsors onto the studio floor and anchor desk.

The tournament dates were not set until just a few weeks before it began, and the tournament started a week earlier than expected. The system was in place, RT said.