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Rohm and Haas centralizes assets with WebNative

Xinet, a provider of digital asset management software, has installed its WebNative software at Philadelphia-based Rohm and Haas Company, an $8 billion specialty chemicals company with 100 sites in 27 countries.

Rohm and Hass was looking for a centralized location for its 17,000 employees to store, organize and access tens of thousands of digital and hard assets. With WebNative, the company got that and more, as it has now eliminated all of its hard media assets — including slides, stills and video — used in production.

All are now scanned and in the WebNative asset management system, for use every day by employees all over the world. The library includes tens of thousands of images within the system and each one has metadata attached to it. This allows anyone, regardless of location, to do a key word search and find a specific image for their presentations.

WebNative is an integrated database that can be used to create automated, metadata-driven workflows, by combining dynamic content distribution and manufacturing systems into one asset management tool. The WebNative Portal is a display layer that allows companies to produce secure, branded Web dashboards for WebNative asset banks.

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