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Portugal to teach subtitling using SysMedia WinCAPS

SysMedia, a provider of subtitling and content management systems for interactive TV and teletext, has secured a contract with the Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão do Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (ESTG Leiria), in Portugal, to supply WinCAPS live subtitling.

The polytechnic school runs a wide variety of undergraduate degree courses, from Engineering and Management studies through to Translation and Interpreting. As part of the Translation and Interpreting degree, ESTG Leiria offers a fourth-year subject called “Translation Technology” that concentrates mainly on subtitling.

At the moment, no broadcaster in Portugal provides live subtitles. However, Portuguese television broadcasters have recently become aware of the needs of deaf and hard of hearing audiences, and ESTG Leiria anticipates live subtitling will be implemented soon.

WinCAPS, which offers real-time subtitling of live content and allows for the combining of pre-scripted material with real-time keyboard entry, is currently being installed at ESTG Leiria and SysMedia.

Using familiar Windows editing techniques (including find and replace, auto-text, spell checker and multi-level undo), WinCAPS offers a configurable user interface to satisfy diverse user requirements. The same software can be used both for offline and live subtitling.

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