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Pixelworks introduces streaming media reference software for set-top boxes

Pixelworks is releasing the DreamStream application reference software for developing next-generation devices for networked digital media streaming in consumer and commercial environments. The production-ready software enables rapid development of connectivity devices for low-video-bandwidth applications in which high quality performance is necessary, such as IP-based set-top boxes for over-the-network video delivery of Windows Media 9 content, digital media adapters, digital signage and low-cost remote education devices.

The software’s Linux-based components are compatible with Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 streaming and provide video/audio decoding, digital rights management, wired and wireless connectivity and full Internet browsing. Used with the BSP-15 based Babelfish I Reference Platform, this software can provide a low-cost, single-chip solution for digital streaming applications.

DreamStream supports WMA, WMV, MP3 and JPEG formats, with Windows Media DRM 10 digital rights management. It also incorporates the Opera browser and an on-screen display and supports network connectivity through Ethernet, either wired or through WiFi 802.11 b/g, and network protocols including PPPoE, Multicast, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 streaming protocols and HTTP.

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