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PESA introduces photonic router for all-fiber networks

PESA showed its new, smaller FXD photonic router integrated with a PESA routing control system at NAB2005. The FXD will route any signal format, including video signals of any definition, and deliver transparent connections between any of its input fibers and output fibers without converting light to electrical signals.

The 16x16 FXD 2RU solution is a pure fiber optic photonic switcher for long-distance video distribution applications. The solution integrates Glimmerglass’ Brilliance microphotonics technology with PESA’s 3500PRO control system.

Capable of distributing signals over distances up to 20km, the FXD photonic router provides support for all SMPTE data-rate standards and any audio, video, multicast, or data format type. The system allows for routing around network outages by automatically reconfiguring fiber links at the physical layer.

PESA’s 3500PRO routing switch control system is a Windows-based user interface that provides both control and diagnostic use via user-configurable menus.

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