Partnership provides DTV access on PCs

Capitol Broadcasting and access DTV announced their plans to partner in the distribution of digital video and data-ready PC tuners.

DTV Plus, a division of Capitol, has been working on a datacast system that streams data along with the digital broadcast signal to give broadcasters the opportunity to fully leverage their existing content and new bandwidth. This system, when coupled on the consumer end with an accessDTV Digital Media Receiver, makes it possible to display data broadcasts by digital stations on a PC monitor. The receiver package, consisting of a 32MB PCI card with tuner and video capture, system software, and an indoor antenna, is being offered by the partnership for less than $500, making it an attractive alternative to much more expensive stand-alone DTV receivers.

“There are two very important parts to this project,” said James Goodmon, president and CEO of Capitol Broadcasting (which owns, among others, WRAL-DT). “First, we are making it possible to watch over-the-air television signals on your PC monitor and, secondly, we are making it possible to display data broadcasts by digital stations on your PC monitor. Simply install the card and attach the antenna.”

The combined technologies better position local broadcasters to take full advantage of their traditional assets, extend and reinforce their local brands, and initiate a quicker return on their investments in digital through the use of datacasting. For example, the signal can be station-branded, can include an EPG, support sub-channels and enable datacast reception of market or show-related content.

Several thousand of the PC-ready accessDTV receivers are targeted for the Raleigh-Durham area starting this summer. The fully data-capable package will be available beginning this summer at