Pappas Telecasting upgrades Omaha facility with Utah Scientific

The Pappas Telecasting Omaha, NE, facility has installed a UTAH-400 32 x 32 SD and 16 x 16 HD routing switcher configured to support both SD and HD video. The UTAH-400 is integrated with an Omneon Spectrum video server under the control of an NVerzion automation system.

The facility currently provides four broadcast streams — two of the stations in SD and two in HD — from a single building: KAZO, affiliated with Azteca America; KPTM, a Fox affiliate; KXVO, a member of the new CW network; and MyNetworkTV, FOX's new second network, which is broadcast on one of KPTM's digital multicast channels.

Omaha is the third Pappas location to install the UTAH-400, with one more station expected to install the equipment this year. Dale Scherbring, VP and director of engineering for Pappas Telecasting, said that the upgrade provided a solid SDI core for on-air switching, which helps make way for future upgrades.

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