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Panasonic shipping new DLP projector

Panasonic PT-DW7000U projector is now available.

Panasonic is delivering its widescreen PT-DW7000U, a native 16:9 3-chip large venue DLP projector.

The PT-DW7000U combines 6000 lumens of brightness with 1366x768 WXGA resolution and theater-quality 4000:1 contrast ratio with Panasonic’s Dynamic Iris. The native 16:9 projector also offers a versatile presentation style where XGA graphics and high-definition video can be combined on one screen.

The projector is equipped with three DLP chips within a dust-proof, sealed, fluid-cooled optical system for high reliability in demanding applications. Its lamp auto-changer alternates lamp operation to permit extended 24-hour use, and allows operation to continue without interruption even if one lamp burns out. One benefit of edge blending is that it increases the image's horizontal resolution, while maintaining the maximum vertical resolution. Up to 100 PT-DW7000s (10x10) can be edge-blended at one time using the projector’s built-in processor.

The unit is equipped with high-speed digital signal processing (with 16-bit color depth for wider dynamic range and more filmlike images) and progressive cinema scan (3:2 pull down) capabilities that combine to produce rich, detailed blacks and to masterfully reproduce 24fp film-based video. The projector offers a built-in multi-screen color matching and edge blending for displaying uniform, natural-looking, full-motion images over a wide span without any discernible lines between overlapping blended images.

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