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Pakistani news channel enhances election graphics

Dunya TV, a Lahore, Pakistan-based news channel, delivered vote tallies and other election information to viewers with engaging visuals that clearly conveyed the results of this month’s general elections in Pakistan with an advanced graphics system based on technology from Orad.

For its coverage, the broadcaster relied on its recently deployed Orad HDVG+ video rendering platform, Maestro on-air graphics suite, Interact graphic solution and 3Designer authoring software. The setup provided Dunya with an advanced graphics production workflow that delivered on-air graphics of real-time election results.

“The general election is such an important event,” said Haris Iqbal, head of creative, Dunya TV. “It is viewed by millions and requires captivating and relevant real-time graphics that are only made possible with Orad’s enterprise broadcast graphics solutions.”

For the election coverage, the Orad setup allowed Dunya to display a large amount of complex election data accurately in real time with the assistance of 3-D charts and interactive graphics.

“We were very pleased with production and enhanced broadcast of Pakistan 2013 General Elections, said Sohail Noor, technical director, Dunya TV.