PacTV launches virtual MCR in Washington, D.C.

Pacific Television Center (PacTV), a Los Angeles-based independent global transmission and production company, has announced the completion of its new 24/7 virtual MCR in Washington, D.C. An enhancement of PacTV’s existing network in Washington D.C., this hub includes a new dark fiber network within the city and increased long-haul fiber capacity (OC12) for HD/SD access to PacTV’s entire portfolio of global resources.

PacTV now offers clients a fully managed end-to-end solution in Washington, D.C. The virtual MCR gives PacTV the capability to deliver customer content in a more eloquent manner. Given the current demand for news and political coverage around the world, the move further solidifies PacTV’s global footprint.

The new hub uses the latest dark fiber technology. This enables clients — including C-SPAN, ITN and AuBC — to have local uncompressed HD connectivity. This technology provides PacTV extensive flexibility in serving the D.C. market now and into the future.

In addition, PacTV has increased the long-haul capacity to D.C. to an OC12 so it can now use JPEG 2000 compression for visually lossless delivery of HD/SD content. Customers can now receive reliable and fast point-to-point access to global news and media at an affordable price point.

By expanding connectivity to an OC12, PacTV can provide more HD-capable streams via a point-to-point circuit that is instant — no stops, no delays — just immediate access to the newsworthy and timely content clients are seeking. In essence, PacTV has built a virtual hub in D.C. that can be controlled by PacTV facilities in New York, Los Angeles and London.