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One-switch system lets guides at Swedish astronomy museum control video playback

Visitors examine astronomical instrumentation at the Tycho Brahe Museum on Sweden’s island of Ven.

User-friendly video-playback control was essential for a new museum dedicated to 16th century Swedish astronomer Tycho Brahe. The museum’s AV integrator, Informationsteknik Sweden, assembled a solution easily operated by museum guides who are not technicians.

The new museum is located on the island of Ven, between Denmark and Sweden, where Brahe did research using instruments he built himself. The facility is housed in the former All Saints Church where the scientist’s life and achievements are depicted through reconstructed instruments, video shows, multimedia, and archaeological finds from the area. Since museum guides, not video technicians, control video playback, a one-switch system triggers the start of the videos.

Informationsteknik installed Medialon Manager to control the start of the videos, which run every quarter hour. Medialon Manager also provides four different light settings for the space, dependent on the season and time of day. The computer controller offers password-protected entry for the lighting designer who can control the DMX value of each channel in each preset. Playback may be triggered from the museum entrance in a building adjacent to the church-based museum. This is made possible via a remote with Manager Panel running over a local network, enabling staff to have access to the same playback interface.

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