Olympic Host Broadcaster Offers Companion Screen Service

SOCHI, RUSSIA—A broadcaster with the resources of an NBC is already doing big things with streaming and clips-based broadcasting to the companion screens that have become ubiquitous. But what about small- or mid-sized broadcasters?

OVP Tech Operations in Sochi

Within the large entry hall of the broadcast centre in Sochi, host broadcaster OBS had a demo area of its Olympic Video Player (OVP) service for rightsholding broadcasters. The room had a small foyer with perhaps 8 "devices" offering Olympic content. Behind glass were the technical areas where transcoding and such was done.

Pamphlets were available on a table which described the OVP as a multiplatform video player that runs on all major platforms. Bullet points on the pamphlet suggest the service offers live and on-demand HD video with full commentary; broadcaster commentary audio added to live video; pre-roll videos and commercials; live streaming, including broadcaster channels; a ticker, including broadcaster content promotion; full customizations including language, broadcaster logo etc.

OBS says that it will continue developing the OVP as a tool to improve the overall broadcaster image and digital presence on the web, tablet, and mobile. One feature possible moving forward is the provision of extra live content to the viewer with unique and unseen camera angles.

For more information contact the OVP at ovphelpdesk@obs.tv.

Mark Hallinger